Recruitment Process Outsource

SPK Search works with our sister company Outsourcing Talent to offer our client’s a world class Recruitment Process Outsource Service.

Outsourcing Talent is a global Outsourced recruitment process company specializing in large volume recruitment for established, start-up and early growth technology companies worldwide. Our Company Directors each have around 20 years’ recruitment experience and have recruited for many different sectors. We have a highly experienced team of recruiters who have been trained by some of the most successful people within the recruitment industry, we know what it takes to deliver high volume recruitment within short time frames however still being able to keep the quality of candidates at the highest level.

With a number of different consultancy packages available, we won’t break your recruitment budget and will tailor our services to suit ‘your’ specific needs and budget. If you are currently, or in the near future, going to go through start-up mode then why not reach out to one of our consultants who will give you a free consultation on how we can assist you further. More likely than not our consultants would have previously handled large volume recruitment programmes into your country for other organizations similar to yours.

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