SPK Executive Search work on retained assignment executive search basis with 80% of our European client base which we have successfully delivered on 100% of the time.
The best talent in the market place are not typically looking at different opportunities so that requires us to target map the market, approach the entire talent pool of potential candidates and pitch the C-Level professionals our client’s opportunity.

Executive search comprises of all methods of search, strategically targeting people who are in the market – not on the market. Each retained search begins with a detailed breakdown of the requirement through close consultation with the client. A timescale for the search is agreed upon, an internal research team and specific consultants are assigned in order to best source, through proactive headhunting, the most suitable candidate in the market. This method is most suitable when you are trying to source a hard to find candidate or when you are working within a restricted timescale.
At SPK Search we use a cutting-edge methodology which produces superior and in-depth candidate assessments, streamlining the recruitment process, reducing costs and commercial down-time, and increasing new employee retention.

Our Strategy

The Executive Search methodology will include the following steps:

> Position Profile

We will prepare a Position Profile on the role, responsibilities and what will be the key attributes of the ideal candidate and how they will fit in with our client’s culture.
This is an important document as it provides the main information on the role and the organisation, which is supplied to candidates prior to you meeting them. This also identifies the key selection criteria against which we will assess candidates.

> Initial Target List

After an in-depth briefing with our researchers, we will start by identifying specific target companies and then highlight individuals who fall, in the broader sense, within the range of criteria we have agreed. We will summarise our findings in a long list of potential prospects, consulting with you before we approach these individuals.

> Market Research and Initial Screening

The next step is to discretely approach a select list of candidates and continue qualified networking with those who emerge from subsequent research, to determine their interest in exploring new opportunities.

> Short List

Following our initial interviews, we will report to you on our progress and findings, and agree on a selection of people to be interviewed by you. We will submit written reports on each of the individuals who are recommended for consideration.

> Arrange Client Interviews and Debriefs

We will arrange the interviews between you and the selected candidates at your convenience and follow up each candidate after the interview for a debrief. In that debrief, their level of interest in the role is ascertained and any concerns that they generally have are addressed.

> Reference Checking and the Offer

Appropriate reference checking will be undertaken and negotiation of the offer to the successful candidate, including resignation advice. All unsuccessful candidates will be managed appropriately.

> Follow-Up

Follow-up calls with both client and candidate at the one, two, three and six month marks. At month three a further interview is conducted to ensure the candidate has smoothly transitioned into your organisation. A report on this meeting will be forwarded to you for your reference and comment. This is critical as any concerns can be raised and addressed before becoming serious issues.