Chief Operating Officer for Singapore based SaaS company


The challenge

Venture Capital backed SaaS company headquartered in Singapore with 120 employees, had a requirement for a hands-on Chief Operating Officer work alongside the Chief Executive Officer to implement and deliver a successful turnaround strategy for the company and direct its overall growth.


The Solution

Our Venture Capital SaaS portfolio executive search team who focus on SaaS recruitment throughout Asia and Europe firstly utilised our own exclusive network of COO candidates and strong referral base from previous successful assignments in Singapore. With the guidance of our client we also mapped the Asian and European market and focused on headhunting from our client’s direct competitors which were selected by our client.



Our team submitted a longlist of 10 qualified COO level professional profiles who were interested in the position 12 days after receiving the brief.  After a rigorous qualification process SPK Search then presented our final five qualified candidates 10 days later.  Four candidates were subsequently selected by our client and shortlisted to meet the board in the Singapore before our client selected the strongest candidate.